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Кофемашины Flymax

Flymax, the new generation of automatic and semi-automatic dispenser machines of coffee and hot drinks, offers a wide range of products to vending- and catering- operators, combining the modern and elegant design with the traditional methods of preparation of real espresso coffee and Italian cappuccinos.

Flymax is totally autonomous, thanks to the knowledge acquired by its designers and technicians in over twenty-five years of experience in this field, both from the design and from the construction point of view, designing and implementing all its mechanical, electromechanical and electronic parts.

Elegant and refined, the Flymax products are the last generation of automatic dispenser machines.

The pre-heated infusion chamber, the automatic compensation for greater or smaller quantities of ground coffee, and the formation of a water space between ground coffee and presser before the supply, thus preventing preferential outlets for the ground coffee, guarantee an excellent espresso coffee since its very first use and at any moment of the day.

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